Groovy Science Expression Validation (Part 1)

I just finished submitting a whole bunch of changes to CumulativeExpressionValidator that make it a lot easier to make a validator for SymbolicExpressions. It’s at the point where I’m pretty sure I’m done focusing on constructing SymbolicExpressions and I’m ready to focus on actually manipulating them. Further improvement on the construction aspect is of course possible and desired, but at this point, an example of the way I expect people to represent and validate algebraic expressions is available as TestScience.testBasicAlgebraRepresentation().

Another thing I should mention, for anybody who wants to build the code, is that I had trouble starting a new project in Eclipse based on the code in the repository. Once the project successfully builds once, it seems to be fine from then on, but I think my relative inexperience with IDEs and Eclipse made it so that I had particular trouble just figuring out how to get the project to build that first time. Anyway, whether or not there is some problem with the project structure, I can assure you that the Java and Groovy code itself is ready to compile.

I’ll update with some more detailed comments after I get some sleep.


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