And So MVTron Discovers Marsyas

I’ve been looking over audio analysis techniques, wrapping my mind around how exactly I might go about implementing (or finding someone else’s implementation of) an FFT or DWT, getting to the point where I can understand this abstract, and I notice something there. The writers of that used something called MARSYAS. What’s that?

Well, Marsyas is an open-source C++ project that apparently is exactly as ambitious as MVTron would like to be in exactly the same ways. Although its main focus is music and other audio, apparently there’s MarsyasX, a branch or something, which is a reimagining of Marsyas to be more video-inclusive. Considering Marsyas’s seeming focus on feature extraction, similarity detection, and… well, all kinds of stuff, it seems like MVTron would be just another application in the sea over there. That takes a lot of (self-inflicted) pressure off of me as a lone programmer. :-p

It almost looks at this point like MVTron will end up being a project entirely submerged in Marsyas, maybe even to the point that it’s written in C++… but I guess I shouldn’t be so hasty. I’ve only just heard of Marsyas, and besides, there’s an entry on their ideas page calling for “Porting the Marsyas dataflow architecture to Java.” ^_-


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