MVTron gets Xuggle-er with MediaTools

It’s been a while since I did much with MVTron, but I took a brief look hack at it the other day, and it’s actually coming along, I think. That said, it isn’t something I’m actively working on, so there probably aren’t going to be any spectacular results or anything.

Earlier, my approach to MVTron was to wrap AviSynth in the hopes that it could take advantage of all the fast AviSynth plugins people have written in C. I managed to get a scene detector working that processed my test video in about twice the video’s duration. That struck me as a pretty poor performance, but I was still hopeful, and I was planning to get my plan in motion from there.

Well, it’s kind of embarrassing to say this, but I completely forgot about that AviSynth-Groovy success story until just now when I read my own blog. That said, this time around I duplicated that success in less than a day without interfacing to AviSynth at all, using Xuggle’s (relatively) new MediaTools API. And now I’m usually looking at processing times only 170% the test video’s duration. Thanks, Xuggle!

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